Zhuang's well known and highly collected Flowerbed works are crafted from delicate pieces of painted rice paper, which he has bent and folded into hundreds of tiny buds that create an optical illusion in change of colour and light as you move your body and eyes from one side of the work to the other.

The flowerbeds are composed of painstakingly folded rice paper flowers and a mixture of pigment, oil and acrylic paints that appear to bloom from the walls: the scukptural three-dimensionality of the densely-planted canvases read as both objects and paintings.


Zhuang's Landscape  works represent  a more traditional painterly approach, depicting vibrant vistas through a brilliant combination of gestural impasto and folded rice paper. Memory and energy are critical themes in Zhuang's artwork, as are his observations of nature, he notes, "over the last three years I look to the sunsets and I go to different countries to see the real landscapes, the light and the movement."  Working with a freedom of style, his daring strokes of bright colours are expressive and unconfined. Colours melting together and paint dripping down make the canvas blossom under the eye: appearing to move and thrive with the viewer, a beautifully defiant natural symbol in the face of aggressive global urbanisation.


Characterised by daringly-bold colour palettes, Zhuang's sophisticated, repetitive, and precise floral motifs symbolize as a universal symbol of prosperity and optimism. He religiously works on this subject year after year, however, the result is not repetitive, but demonstrates his continuous refinement and experimentation between raw emotional expressions and precisely planned artistry.